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Friends of the Kitchen

Architect Gil Coscolluela

A graduate from the UP College of Architecture and son of Architect William Coscolluela, one of the country’s design luminaries, Architect Gil spearheaded some of the notable skyscrapers, shopping malls and high-rise offices and condominiums in the Philippines such as Equitable PCI Tower, Joya Lofts & Towers at Rockwell, Crowne Plaza, and the RCBC Plaza. He is currently one of the Senior Partners at W.V. Coscolluela & Associates.

While he has some of the country’s most iconic buildings under his belt, Architect Gil finds the same excitement in designing projects of smaller scale. For the house he built for his family Architect Gil stressed on the importance of quality, “I wanted everything to be practical, functional and efficient,” he says. “That is why in putting our home together, I never settled for anything. From the private spaces to the living areas, and especially the kitchen, I only chose the best! ” Architect Gil shares his reason on why he chose Sub-Zero for his home, “Sub-Zero has helped improve lives through offerings that have undergone strict quality control measures,” he says. Integrating art with power and capability, each Sub-Zero refrigeration unit is equipped with a cutting-edge technology designed to ensure your food stays fresher longer. The ability of Sub-Zero refrigeration to be streamlined into kitchens without sacrificing utility and performance is a testament to the brand’s enduring quality, “Whatever design genre you choose for your kitchen, there is a Sub-Zero for you,” he finishes.

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